Monday, 21 February 2011

Napoli Calcio (Soccer)

Not sure why I'm squinted.

Yes those are flares! All around the stadium. Near the bottom left of the picture you can see the "retaining wall."

So we all went to a Naples Soccer game last night. Like most sports its even better in person.
Picture college football enthusiasm with a lack of common law we enforce at games. Top it off with the fact that Naples has a good team, and it was a great experience.
The two end zones are the cheap seats that the rowdy fans get and crowd into. On each side of the sections there is a big plexi-glass wall keeping them in. There are no cheerleaders as we know them to be. Instead there are a couple people at the front of the groups leading/ coordinating various chants, cheers, etc.
The visitor section is completely enclosed in a protective screened area.
If the fans see something they don't like or want to have the crowd noise be a factor they ALL whistle. It turns into this thousands strong, high pitched, ear piercing noise...
I didn't look for it, but I don't think they serve beer in the stadium...
Naples won. 1-0.