Tuesday, 21 July 2009

We have computer at home!

We are officially online... Now we just need the rest of our furniture (just have my laptop for now).
So we had a change of plans for the weekend. The day cruise filled up before we could sign up. No worries, it happens just about every weekend.
We instead went to Caserta and saw a palace. It was finished in 1852. The whole place was marble. Incredible. All the ceilings were domed and painted. The art work was never ending. As if the inside wasn't enough, we walked about a mile and a half (one way) through the back yard were there was a series of fountains, ending in a cascading waterfall that eased down about 260 ft. For the Star Wars junkies, the palace and I'm pretty sure (because it looked a little familiar) the fountains/ falls were used in one of the newer episodes. It took a good four hours and we probably could have stayed longer but we forgot to pack lunch...
Carey took a cooking class on Monday. There is a woman who does them regularly at her house. They cook a COMPLETE meal each time (meaning antipasto (salad/ meat...), first course, second course, and dessert). So salad, egg plant, chicken, veggies, cheesecake. All very good.
That's all for now. We are doing the day cruise this weekend.

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