Saturday, 1 August 2009

1 Aug update

The Amalfi coast was nice. Taking a day cruise was definetly worth it. You get a lot of views you wouldn't have otherwise seen from a road. It was a long day. We got on a bus just outside the gate for the base we're on, took about a 45 min to 1 hour drive down to the boat. We got underway around 9 am. The boat made another stop to pick up more people in Salerno. Then we started. We went out to Capri where we had a swim call. The water was beautiful. For some reason it didn't dawn on us or the other couple we were with to bring masks or goggles. No one did but it would have been nice. The water is a little chilly but nice once you are in. Salty. We tredded water for about 45 minutes (tred/ float). After that we got back on the boat, ate lunch (which we remembered to bring with us this time), and enjoyed the cruise. The boat pulled into Amalfi where we got off and walked around for a couple hours. Randy tasted and then bought a small bottle of Lemonchello. Mummm good. After that we got back on the boat and went back. It was nice because now it was late afternoon and the sun lit up the coast better than in the morning. After all was said and done we got back to our house at about 8 pm.
(Above: Positano coast
Right: Off Capri. Was that boat used in a Bond movie?)
Today (Saturday) we ventured into Naples. We drove into Aversa, found the Metro, and caught the connecting train into Naples. Not real hard. We did get some help from a guy at the Aversa station to use the machine to buy the tickets. Once in Naples we walked down Spaccanapoli. It is one of three roads that basicly cuts through Naples. Tons and tons of shops, stands, and food. Churches, statutes, plazas... We ate lunch at a little pizzaria and continued to walk. Then, and most importantly, we were able to find our way back to the metro station and back to Aversa. The big take away for the day, besides that being Randy's first time in downtown Naples, was to prove to ourselves its not hard to do. For instance when the kids start school and Randy has off during the week (because of how the shift work will work) we can leave after the kids and easily be back before they are done... This was a different way down there then what was shown to Carey and Brianna when we first got here. Easier using the subway...

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