Sunday, 23 August 2009

Back to our roots...

This weekend we went to Cusano Mutri. It is a small hills side town about 50 km from here. An hour drive. My Great- Grandparents were from this town. As you get to the hills the scenery gets very pretty. Each turn onto a different road meant, for the most part a slightly smaller road. We had lunch and walked around the town. You can walk the entire town in about an hour. That is walking every street, up and down the hill... English... not so much. Its not their responsibility to be able to talk to us. (Carey and I start Italian classes in a week!) The Rosetta Stone is good, but if you don't/ can't set aside an hour or so of your day... Anyway, nice little town. Once we can speak a bit more we will look into contacting the church or something to find out what we can about the family. There were two buisnesses that still have family names. Crocco was a jewerly store (and a convience store in the next town over), and Petrillo was a small bar/ snack shop/ restaurant.
That night Carey and I went out to dinner just outside Naples. Very good. It is still vacation time for the Europeans so the resteraunt was pretty empty. Four courses later we were full. Wine is just as cheap as water (or water is as expensive as wine...). You can get a good bottle of wine for a few euro. We got a carafe the other night for 1 euro (3 glasses worth). There is some expensive stuff out there but I think at that point you are paying for a name, or for being a tourist. 55 euro was it. Good luck getting four courses, wine, and really good service in the states for that!

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